TODAY’S WORD IS FOR Friday 26th 2019

God says-: Do not rush. Just praise him for his plans, do not rush in you decision makings.

TODAY’S WORD IS FOR Thursday 25th 2019

God says Today-:

You have been feeling a bit of doubt towards your work/destiny. Today i want you to live your life reassured that i know this about you.

You don’t need to always be in control, because to be honest, there’s only so much you can control anyways. But i control all so leave it to me.

Trust the faith process.

In order to heal from the heaviness you have been facing, you gotta come into agreement with this mindset that i have just layed before you.

Healing requires rest so you gotta rest in my presence and word today.

Baby steps. Remember a baby does not become a full grown adult in a day/overnight. One step at a time you will get there.


Revelatory Word For The Day

The lord gave me a gift that i think is pretty rad. While i sit with him at the wee hours of the morning, he pours into me what he would like me to focus on for that particular day. This tends helps me cope with whatever hits me on that particular day. It also makes me know what to focus on and my “intentions” or “internal self” are not all over the place. He is not necessarily telling you exactly word by word, what will happen to you that very day, but rather he is setting you up internally for whatever is prepared for you on that day.

Now he wants me to share them with you.

He gives me words that will help his body for that particular day.

If these words touch you in anyway, please do not hesitate to reach out. I would love to hear how it has changed your ‘days’. I hope this helps bring peace to your day as it has helped bring to mine.