Revelatory words are words given to me on your behalf from the Holy Spirit for the present. It helps in revealing the fathers heart in the present for you and your situation (personally). It pertains to you and your world. It helps in shedding light on directions/questions you are seeking in this very moment. It is completely free and no strings attached other than building a stronger body of christ. In order to get this, please reach out through the form provided below.

Thank you for aiming to better yourself for the sake of the kingdom. All glory to God.

Please note that every Personal Revelatory Word that i do, takes a minimum of 2-3 days to be received. (when there is a donation) but when no donation is made, i cannot really put a timing to it as i honour those who honour God’s gift on me with donations. So please i ask to practice patience. Thank you.

Also i would appreciate it if you could support my mission with any amount you are led too, in order to bring the fathers heart for a particular season to people all over the world as it has been done for you. To gift any amount of your choice, please click on this link Thank you.

Just to let you know, those who have donated will be honoured by being on the priority list and gettin their words first for honouring God and his gift on me.

This order will be a written revelatory word sent to your email. So please in order to have certain information, that i will use to pray about you, please fill out the form below. Thank you.

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