1. I am calm and mindful in every situation

2. I have the will so there must be a way

3. I am solution driven, and I am not afraid of obstacles

4. I choose faith over fear

5. I believe in me

6. I believe in God

7. I am not my mistakes

8. It is not the end or the beginning; it is the process of my daily habits that count.

9. Every day and in every way I am getting better

10. I commit to being rich

11. I matter, My time matters, and I am allowed to say no to others and yes to myself.

12. I observe my thoughts and only entertain those that empower me

13. I release my non-supportive money experiences from my past, and I create a prosperous future.

14. What I modeled after money was my friends and family's ways and now I choose my way.

15. I choose to adopt new ways of thinking that support my happiness.

16. I choose to live daily for Christ.

17. My God and I are bigger than any of my problems

18. I choose to get paid based on results

19. I attract money. I control money, Money works for me, and money loves me.

20. I have a millionaire mind.