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“Another idea that could help your mind.”

What is the mind maintenance strategy? Well, I would like to make a more in-depth blog post about this topic cause I feel like it is such a current topic that everyone should do or know about sooner. The mind maintenance strategy has helped me be able to balance my thoughts nicely and not allow them to be overwhelming (at least not for too long).

A Mind Maintenance Strategy is merely creating a strategy that works to give your mindset a balance / a different perspective in whatever state or situation it finds itself.

Often hearing “You need to be positive about it” can sometimes lead to a healthy annoyance. Having a positive mindset is portrayed as something easy to attain instantly. YouTubers make short 3 minute videos with no information other than “take a bath when you feel down” (which most of us do not own) with top notch editing and aesthetically pleasing visuals on how to get a positive mindset. They gather 3 million views on such videos which is excellent —–for the YouTuber; but what happens to the people who click on the video to get actual information relating to their situation? These people who watch these videos may try out the suggestions offered and see no results or maybe a temporary one.

People need to start portraying having a positive mindset to be something not readily achievable, but rather it is a process that is worth it at the end. They also need to understand that we need a maintenance mindset because that is the only way to survive in this world. It is too easy to slip back into negative thought patterns, so we must employ a mind maintenance strategy to muster through life.

I guess what I am trying to say is, gaining a positive mindset through life isn’t an easy one-time thing. It is honestly a life’s work. (An Everyday Thing) However, be encouraged today to change your perspectives to celebrating the good and bad for they work hand in hand in this rhythm of life to show us what our importance should be on and where our priorities should lie in this lifetime. Having this mindset will help you not to be burdened during your journey.