Different ways you can deal with suicidal thoughts.


“Growing up is tough. Adulting isn’t as fun as the celebrities show it to be.”

As a Christian, it is easy to quote scriptures (which work by the way) it has helped me tremendously; but we all have to remember it is not the same path everyone will walk. These ideas I am writing are for the people who can read and understand it; meaning everybody has a different lifestyle and wellness to varying stages in their lives. (for example, little kids are going to need probably 2x the help an adult would need; also they can’t log onto the internet to read a blog post on what to do with these thoughts, so you catch my drift.)

Most suicidal thoughts stem from either depression, situational, medical, or spiritual(oppression). (I said most, not all. I am aware I am not a doctor or psychologist so do not come for me.)

I want to share how I dealt with mine in hopes it would help you deal with yours.

1. KNOW THE SOURCE. = Many people have different reasons why these thoughts come. It could be a medical reason, it could be a spiritual oppression reason, it could be a situational reason, or it could be ‘seasonal.’ For example , in my case, mine was medical, and I suffered from clinical depression. My situation did not cause it, ( i was in a pretty good one) it wasn't oppression (spiritual issues) because I tried everything in the bible to make sure I beat it.*please not that Jesus can heal medical as well. he did for me but for me to function even in the slightest proper way a human should, in my case, I had to take medication. After a couple of years doing so, he healed me. He has his reasons why he allowed me too, and I know why now (which I would share 'why' later). It was not seasonal ( so it wasn’t the weather or a season of everyone doing/talking about it to be a way out) (Trust me this may sound silly that because it is said continuously around you, that you would do it. However, unfortunately, it is so and a lot of people fall for this trap). So once I narrowed it down, only medical was remaining, and I approached a doctor, got checked up and VOILA! THERE IT WAS! I got prescribed the right medication to help me and behold I am a new human! I would highly recommend you search out the source of those thoughts before adhering to them. (TO KNOW THE SOURCE YOU WILL HAVE TO DO A BIT OF TESTING WHICH COULD BE EXHAUSTING BUT WORTH IT AT THE END) *on a side note, please remember that God created medication as well to help our physical bodies. So if you are suffering from hormonal imbalances for example and you have to take medication for the rest of your life to function, do not have the mindset that "God has not healed me" because he has. He has given you the financial means to get treated, and he has provided the medication that has helped you get healed. So all glory to him.

2. DO YOUR RESEARCH= Now that you have the source do your research. Research ways that could help you beat this thought pattern. Doing this could mean switching up or down your medication, stopping to hang out with the wrong crowd or reading/watching the wrong things, this could be from a misunderstanding of a situation or could even be spiritual and be a curse or oppression from the enemy. You never do your research, pray, ask the Lord, reach out. You cannot do this on your own. You need information.

3. AVOID TOO MUCH OPINIONS= Don’t give room for other “Talks or Judgment” to cloud your mind. It is only the person who wears the shoes that knows where it hurts. Doing this will help you navigate into and through the right path.

4. GET A COUNSELLOR/THERAPIST = Get one that specializes in whatever the source of your thoughts is. If you cannot afford one, look for free ones online, or look for people online that can uplift you; there are so many. There are so many who are counselors in the making. Trust the lord that he would lead you to the right ones.

5. TALK TO SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN ON THE SAME BOAT AS YOU HAVE AND GOT OF IT SAFELY. = Find someone who has overcome your situation safely and learn from them. Doing this will strengthen you.

If you are a Christian, i would suggest handing over any steps you have planned in your head or written down, over to God. Tell the holy spirit to guide you and find people or things that can help you as you embark on this journey. It will not be easy, but it will be well worth it.