This club is created by Sandy May.

A woman whom the lord by his grace, has instilled a strong gift of discernment into her. She has quietly ministered strong prophetic giftings for years . With the prompting from the lord, she had decided to use this gift to help not only the spiritual arena of the church, but also its everyday life.

This club is intended to be a place where the people who have been impacted by the lord through sandy can join and form solid christian friendships in order to fuel and keep the encouragement set ablaze from the words given to them.

This club is also intended to help you grow your peace and keep it.

This club is and will always be a gathering of people who share the same passion in seeking everyday the peace that Jesus promised on this earth and keeping it.The aim of this club is to create a place when entered, his love, glory and his peace is immediately noticed. A place where people can talk, share, laugh, cry, and intercede for one another. Whatever they are led to do for one another they can because they are all brothers and sisters .Any gifts as long as they are rooted in the bible are welcomed .

In this club, sandy mays gifts are shared aswell to the people who have joined it. .

Hi There! Its sandy interrupting here,

This club “The Perfect Placidity Club” is not just a “club” but a reconciliation and restoration ministry.

This ministry is created to help jumpstart those who feel stuck and dis-spirited.

Being broken, lost, stuck, dispirited, damaged, e.t.c is a messy situation... I know because I have been there...

Now that I no longer reside there, I want to plug into you and help jumpstart your growth back to what is written in the books of heaven concerning you.

I do this in various ways-:

- Personal Prophetic Words

-Personal Revelatory Words

-Spiritual Consultations/Guidance and Counselling sessions

It is all about bringing God’s intervention into your situation.

I hope to instill a perfect peace in you in the storm through our lord Jesus Christ.

Love you .x