“Your identity is the most important thing you will ever have on this earth.”-Sandy M.


It all started when…

When God healed me from more than 10 years of dealing with clinical depression.

who are you and what is this blog about…

Hi, my name is sandy, and my long term goal with perfect placidity ministries is to build physical healing hospital that will help people with their Emotional Trauma and Soul Wounds. But before i am able to accomplish building a physical healing hospital, i would like to start using the gifts that God has given me for his people so i will build a bridge online, In-order to meet them. I want to have a medium where people can reach me and also can see content that will act as a hand in pulling them above the black cloud even if it is for a day.

I want to share my knowledge, experiences&techniques, on how I overcame the “dark cloud” with the hope of it helping someone else.

I want to meet you not before or after, but in the middle of your pain and hurt. or years, for you.

God took me through all he did for you. After he healed me , he gifted me with healing gifts , that especially cater to what i went through, which is severe emotional traumas (so many), Soul wounds, Clinical depression and anxiety. He also gifted me with the gift of a counsellor and i have truly seen these gifts taken effect in the lives of people around me.

We must not let the spirit of depression and anxiety win.

I am doing all this through the love the Lord has given me for his people and the sake of the kingdom. Depression and Anxiety have eaten up so many great people for so long now, we need to come together and help each other to find and keep that perfect peace. We must stand with each other until we can find our identity, as identity is essential. I have seen so many people and cultures to know that there is the truth of Christ in each, but different ways of expressing it. Perfect Placidity is the way I have chosen to reveal the kingdom of God within me; it is my way of stretching out to reach people.



  • I partner with you in a spirit-led process that facilitates a healing in and through you.

  • I help you align yourself with who you truly are, your true identity and Gods purpose for you on this earth.

  • I help you change your perspective towards things and see the brighter side of things. it is something that is hard to do on your own sometimes. My goal is to provide you with a positive environment and brooding positivity in you.

  • I will give you an individualized approach to your healing.

  • 2days a week spiritual counselling.

  • Prayers with me, from me, personal intercessions.

  • A personal prophetic word(if the lord permits or shows me something that can help you)

  • Provide you with a safe place to be loved and be who you really are.

  • Work with you to help you get out of your suffering from depression or anxiety or both.

  • Help you get closer to the lord.

  • Get a healing from all your soul wounds.

  • Help you find your identity

  • Help you develop a spiritual plan to help you sustain your knew found health and help you grow after your healing.

  • So much love and so much more.


Thank you for trusting me…

Remember only he can be your perfect peace…